7 Affordable Corporate Gifting Ideas

7 Affordable Corporate Gifting Ideas

In today’s competitive era where we say “customers are king”, it is very important to maintain relationship with your clients. Businesses are putting in place the right strategies and allocating budgets in order to make customers happy, strengthen relationships, and differentiate themselves from the competition. If you are not connecting with your clients, someone else might be.  In the long run, its personal touches that retain your customers, improve brand reputation, and possibly make sales. One such strategy can be sending them corporate gifts over holiday time. It can be a warm reminder of your professional relationship, and that you would love to work with them in future.

So, are you all set to send your clients the season’s greetings? What have you decided on? Yes, that’s the tricky part. The more options we have, the more difficult it gets to choose from.  It’s important that you find something that is memorable or being of use to your clients, speaks about your company and values, stand out, and most importantly, it falls into your budget.

Here are some affordable corporate gifting ideas that will definitely leave an impact on your client:

  • Plants

Giving gift that grows signifies the growing relationship that you share with your client. Plants bring positive energy at home or in workplaces, at the same time you can show that you care for the environment. The best part is that they come in so many varieties to suit the personal choices of whoever you are giving to.

For those busy ones who generally don’t have plants in their offices, succulent planters can be a good start at they need minimum maintenance.  If you want to add a bit of nature, you can select a flower plant. A cactus be a good option too.  If your client is a restaurateur or loves cooking, they might love an herb.

  • Cotton Tote Bags

Tote bags can be all-purpose storage for casual outings and on the top of it, they are in the fashion today. Imagine your clients hanging your bag with your logo and going around the city! Not only they will keep alive your brand name with you but will have it promoted everywhere they carry it.

Such Customised corporate gifts in Singapore are really affordable. They are much preferred over plastic bags for their looks, ease of hanging, and promoting environment sustainability.

  • USB Thumbdrives

In the fast growing technology, when everyone is dependent on the gadgets for professional and social interaction, data gathering, documentations, etc. it is undeniable that the portable thumb drives have become a big part of our daily life.

Thus, Trendy and customised USB thumb drives like help you promote your company and can serve as an ideal promotional corporate gift in Singapore. When all the thumb drives are imprinted with your company’s logo and your business information, they keep your brand alive with your customers and with the best usage of the device they will have feeling of attachment with your brand too.

  • Personalised Stationary

No office can function without stationary. There are unlimited choices in the market, and you can be as creative as you want. There are many businesses that can print your logo on practically anything.

If your client cares for environment, you can select some eco-friendly stuff such as a wooden pen, notebook made of recycled paper, etc.  For a young company, you can go for something unique such as designer sticky notes, multi-colour highlighters, notepads etc.

  • Powerbank or Portable Charger

Smart Phones have made life easy because for every work, business or social media, we have smartphones working with us all the time. Since most of our smartphone’s battery are not really strong, power banks have become extremely popular and therefore, most of the corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore have used it as a corporate gift.

Branding and customising power bank or portable charger with your company logo is one of the best corporate gift idea these days in order to keep your company name on top of the list at your clients’ end.

  • Healthy Snacks

What is the first thing that comes to your mind during holiday? You are right, it’s FOOD. Won’t it be a great idea to add some healthy snacks to your clients’ pantry?

You can add anything from dark chocolates to nuts, dried or fresh fruits, organic wholegrain crackers, etc. You can really play around with the combinations and number of items depending on your budget. Wrapping them with a customised wrapper having your company logo and name card on it can bring a smile on your clients’ face as they remember you while opening it.

  • A handwritten note

In today’s digital world of emails and text messages, a handwritten note does mean more than you think. They are powerful means, as they indicate that you have taken out time to thank them and they are important to you. Isn’t it a wonderful way to stand out?

You can also be more considerate here and make sure you use recycled paper. If you have a picture together, don’t forget to stick it to the note.

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