7 Mistakes People Make When Getting Corporate Gifts

7 Mistakes People Make When Getting Corporate Gifts

Getting a corporate gift for someone is one gesture every human should imbibe. It not only expresses value, but it also shows how much you love and is concerned about such a person. In getting these corporate gifts, attention is not just paid alone to the gifts, but also the suppliers of such gifts.

7 Mistakes People Make When Getting Corporate Gifts 1

Singapore as a whole offers a lot of items that can be gifted by well-meaning suppliers. You have the power bank supplier Singapore, the promotional gifts supplier Singapore, the Bluetooth speaker supplier Singapore and the T-shirt supplier Singapore among others.

However, this article is focused on pointing out 7 mistakes many people make when getting corporate gifts so you can avoid the same.


#1 Being Bias

Since it is a corporate gift, it is necessary that you give the gift to everyone as well as ensuring that the same gift is given to everyone except in a case where the like or dislikes of each individual has been entertained. So if you are getting corporate leather gifts, make sure everyone is given.

If you opt for customized corporate gifts, make sure everyone has his/her gifts personalized. This way being biased avoided and you won’t be seen as playing favorites in the organization. It’s okay to personalize gifts but make sure everyone is getting the same gift.


#2 Not Being Discreet

Sometimes, specific reasons may come up that you will have to give gifts to particular individuals or groups at the expense of others. It has to be done discreetly so that the intentions, though positive, for which such gift is given isn’t defeated. It doesn’t matter as to whether such a group is getting the latest corporate gifts, or quality leather corporate gifts, what matters most is that a sense of caution is being employed.


#3 Giving Wrong Gifts

Someone once said that it is not the value of the gift that matters, what matters the most is how valuable it is to the person that receives it. Inappropriate gifting can kill the whole idea, and this is one mistake a lot of people make. Singapore has a whole lot of suppliers who can advise you on what gift is best for who. So before getting that business gifts in Singapore or door gifts Singapore makes sure it is one that the recipient can make use of and value.


#4 Taking Gender into Consideration Wrongly

You cannot get a woman corporate gifts meant for men and vice versa. However, when it has to do with some versatile and universal corporate gifts, make sure that you avoid gender sentiments in the best way you can. Don’t get a man a gift from an expensive corporate gifts supplier and then get the woman one from a cheap corporate gift supplier.


#5 Mistaken Price for Quality

Even though it is a long-standing ideology that once something is expensive, then it is automatically quality. Many people make this mistake when getting corporate gifts and it should stop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cheap corporate gift supplier, what matters is that he has what you desire of a gift and what you’re are confident will be seen as valuable to the people who will be receiving it.


#6 Yelling When Gifts Get returned

One mistake people make when giving gifts is to shout at the recipients when such gifts are returned. Not only are the people not compelled to receive a gift, sometimes a lot of other factors come up. It might be that the customized corporate gifts or the corporate leather gift aren’t theirs, probably there was a mix up somewhere. So when this happens, make sure to be calm first and find out why.


#7 Avoid Giving Double Meaning Gifts

Be careful when you give corporate gifts to avoid the recipients from reading another meaning to it. Give the latest corporate gifts with clear purpose so much so that it is understood and not misinterpreted.

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Gift giving is an act of benevolence and as such one that should not only be done but also done very well.