8 Lifestyle Product Gifts For Corporate Clients

8 Lifestyle Product Gifts For Corporate Clients

Are you thinking of unique gifts to give to your beloved corporate clients? Well, these 8 lifestyle products might just be the ones you need to ace your next gifting scheme!

Here are some perfect Gifts For Corporate Clients!

8 Lifestyle Products to Gift Your Corporate Clients

1. Watches

A watch is one of the most valuable gifts out there for you to give a client. Not only will you be blessing your clients with the gift of time but you will also be giving them an elegant and fashionable item to pair with their daily outfits.

Watches give a professional touch when given as corporate gifts and will also be a regular reminder of the services you provided to the client; they will recall your company’s association with them and this could even make them give referrals to their friends and colleagues about your services.

One scenario could be that they get asked by someone about the beautiful watch that they are wearing, and your client tells them all about your company and the services you provided them. That would be a great source of advertisement, don’t you think?

2. Wine

Giving your clients fine wine as a token of appreciation for their experience with you and your company’s services is one of the best corporate gifts for you to choose from. It is a traditional gift but is still classy as always.

A wine that is rare or vintage is the ideal choice to go with while picking some to gift your client. Besides, your corporate gift provider should help you out with that along with choosing the best packing for your chic gift.

Have them add a simple thank-you note slung around the wine bottle to show that you truly appreciate the client’s cooperation with you and for choosing your services. Sending wine bottles with hand-written thank-you cards would be even better as they give more of a personal touch.

3. Umbrella

A gender-neutral gift would easily fit into the budget, and would still make your client feel appreciated and cared for – umbrellas are one of the best Corporate gifts for the job!

Simply ask your corporate gift vendor to print your company’s logo on the umbrellas that you would be giving out; ensure that they are made of strong material and are of high quality.

Through this, every time your client will be needing an umbrella, they will automatically think about their experience with your company and how you helped them out. Even more, while they will be walking in public with the umbrella, your logo would also be visible to several others walking in the rain as well, gaining you free publicity!

4. Towels

Towels are, without a doubt, amazing options for corporate gifts as they are eco-friendly, reusable for a very long time, and also give off a luxurious feeling to a client when they receive them. They will also prove to be quite useful to the client and would look best when given as a set of 2-4 towels; their sizes could be different to show a variety of options.

Have your corporate gifts supplier engrave your company’s logo onto a corner of the towel to show your brand’s representation.

5. Lunch set

Having a good-quality lunch box at home makes it easier for one to take lunch to their office or other working spaces. This gives you the advantage of advertising your brand among your client’s other colleagues during the lunch break too.

Ask your corporate gift vendor to add your logo to your brand’s custom lunch box while maintaining good quality. This should impress your client while giving them a spacious lunch set to store their food that is also stylish and sturdy. It would be more of a plus-point if it is highly water-resistant to ensure a long-lasting life.

6. Gimmicks

Should corporate gifts be high in quality and usability? Yes, they most definitely are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t gift your precious clients some fun games and tricks either. This will help them pass their free time, associate a fun feeling with your company and its services, and will also make them appreciate the thought.

Personalized gimmicks could be magic tricks or other such promotional products with your brand’s logo, color composition, or slogan on it.

7. Games

Regular board games and card games, when personalized, are gifts that can bring a friendlier approach to your relationship with your client.

For example, a normal game of scrabble could easily be made more fun, colorful, and personal if you will have your corporate gifts supplier customize the game in a way that it fully represents your brand image and its message while also allowing your client to have fun with it.

8. Manicure set

Manicure sets are mainly ideal for female clients and show that you care about their health as much as you care about fulfilling their requirements from your company. This is one of the finest corporate gift ideas especially since it is proven that manicures not only improve a person’s physical health but also positively affect one’s mental health.

Use this intel to your advantage to enhance your company’s marketing schemes and have your corporate gift provider find the best quality products to make the perfect manicure set for your clients, along with your company’s logo, of course.

To conclude, these were eight brilliant corporate gift ideas for you to use for your next dealings with your precious clients! Use these ideas to give your clients lovely lifestyle gifts that give off a friendly thought.

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