9 Types of Bags That You Can Gift Your Corporate Clients

9 Types of Bags That You Can Gift Your Corporate Clients

Are you looking for some unique corporate gift ideas?corporate gifts - bags

Have you considered using bags as corporate gifts? If not, here are 9 brilliant types of bags that you can gift to your beloved corporate clients!

#1 Cooler Bags

A cooler bag is precisely what its name suggests; it has ice and insulation in its interior structure that keeps the materials kept inside it cold for a longer time. They can be very useful for your corporate clients.

They can be used to carry items such as drinks on long trips or picnics just as well as they can be used to carry perishable items on a grocery trip. Quite great corporate gifts, don’t you think?

Just be sure to have your corporate gifts provider add your company’s logo to the bag so that it reminds the client of your wonderful work experience with them. A signature color scheme or pattern would also be great to be added to the bag.

#2 Laptop Bags

A laptop bag is a great source for your clients to keep their computers and other devices safe.

To add a more personal touch, include a little wired-headphone set or a decent looking headphone-case inside the laptop bag before gifting it to the respective clients. Some pens along with a thank-you card inside would do the job just as well too!

#3 Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are very practical; your client can fit something as large as a book or laptop in it while also folding it to keep it in their pocket if the situation calls for it. Just make sure that the drawstrings are durable and that the bad is high-quality in general too, to make the best impression on your client, and to give them the best corporate gifts.

It’ll be even better if the drawstring bags that are to be gifted to your clients are waterproof! This bag’s user can make effective use of it in several situations too; gymming, cycling, swimming, yoga, or coaching classes!

#4 Shoe Bags

Shoe bags aren’t usually used by the common person, so, when you would gift them to your client, they would typically be seen as a luxury item. One shoe bag normally fits one pair of shoes, is rectangular, and is flat.

Shoe bags are mostly used for travel purposes. Just like the drawstring bags mentioned above, these shoe bags can also be easily folded and kept in a little corner of your luggage when not in use.

With some of your brand’s usual coloring and logo on the bag, it is the perfect corporate gift idea.

#5 Sling Bags

Sling bags are such that they are made of a pouch-like bag that has a sling attached to it that rests on your shoulder and goes all the way to your hip or torso where the pouch rests.

Of course, there are different sizes, styles, and customizations to it; but you should discuss with your corporate gifts provider and should make only one or a few specific sling bag styles for your company’s business gift sling bags.

These bags are very easy to handle and carry most of your belongings such as your phone, wallet, and any other small items.

#6 Sports Bags

A sports bag also referred to as a duffel or kit bag is mostly used to carry sports items, much like a gym bag. It can be used to store sports items, sports kits, sports gear, and extra sets of clothing and shoes.

As for bags as corporate gifts, a sports bag is also multipurpose since it is sometimes used as a travel bag.

#7 Travel Bags

Regular-sized travel bags are great ideas for corporate gifts. They will be very useful to your client, durable, they can also customize it if they want. With your logo on the bag, it’s a good and free advertisement for your brand too.

Travel bags are also available in numerous different types such as duffel bags, rolling suitcases, and wheeled backpacks.

You can have your corporate gifts provider customize these bags according to your business’ theme and enhance your marketing schemes too!

#8 Gym Bags

Gym bags are super handy containers for its user to store their water bottles, shoes or flip-flops, toiletries, Band-Aids, headphones. This can make a trip to the gym very convenient, with basic items of need right next to you.

Again, this would be a great public representation for your brand and might even drive new clients to your business with the right advertisement and visual representation on the bags. A logo, color scheme belonging to your company, a slogan would do even better since it would show other people a glimpse of the services that are provided by your company.

#9 Non-Woven Bags

Not only are they eco-friendly but non-woven bags are also inexpensive and can be used as quite decent alternatives to cotton, polyester, and nylon bags.

These water-resistant and light-weight bags have several purposes such as:

  • They can be used as a grocery bag whenever needed.
  • They can act as marvelous, sturdy lunch bags for your client.
  • They are great to be used at any events such as fundraisers.

With your logos and slogans on these excellent corporate gift ideas, your company’s image should be bettered even more due to all these quality gifts that you will be giving to your clients!

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