Benefits of Promotional Gifts To Your Company

Benefits of Promotional Gifts To Your Company

Promotional gifts have become more and more popular in the last few decades. In the survey data sponsored by PPAI, it was revealed that in the year 1991, less than half of the participating businesses had given promotional gifts whereas the data survey in 2007 reflects that about 84% of the surveyed companies were in the regular practice of giving promotional gifts. The usage of promotional gifts has reached to such a great extent in few years and is getting more popularity with time and when you ask why? The answer lies in the benefits that the organisations get from the trend of giving promotional gifts.

Promotional gifts take advantage of the most powerful word in the English language, i.e. Free. It is one of the best way to grab attention of the masses on offering free gifts. In the era today, when nothing comes free and you give free gift to the users or your customers, you build a great emotional attachment and this also makes it an excellent way of building relationships and boosting business.

So let’s understanding few top benefits that your business can get from giving the promotional gifts.

Raise brand awareness

 Giving a promotional gift with your company name or logo on it works like a magic in associating your product type with your brand.

When you deal into a product being supplied by thousands of other merchants too, it is the brand awareness that is required for getting you success and building more associates. The promotional gifts with your company name is a great way to raise awareness about your business. The product having your company logo and business name on it makes it easy for you to let people remember your brand name and associate that product with your brand exclusively.

Cost effective advertising

 Business gift is a way to express your care and willingness to reach to the masses and so is very widely welcomed by the potential clients and also helps you get maximum attention as compared to any other advertising sources at much lower cost. Advertising on other marketing channels or digital media in such a competitive market today is almost 5 times more than what promotional gifts cost. With so many promotional gifts suppliers in Singapore, you are sure to get the best cost at the best quality for your company needs.

Generate Recurring Customers

Gift is a gesture of love, care and maintaining healthy relationship at personal aspect and so does the promotional gifts at your business. It brings positive impact on your customers and users for your products, services and brand. You definitely say through these promotional gifts that you care for them and willing to be associated with them and that’s what is the core demand of every customer.

Generate leads

The giveaways contest and free gifts on every sign up has become very popular among the users and customers. They love being rewarded and offering them such free promotional gifts will increase their curiosity in your business and they will love to get associated with you.

Generate referrals

Promotional gifts have proved that your own customers can be a good source of generating leads for you. The referral gifts are one of the major incentives that can be given to your customers to refer their friends and families to your business. Promotional gifts for referring your business has been proved to be the fastest sale making process.

Boost up employees’ productivity

At work, when employees are rewarded by the gifts at any occasion or for their contribution, it brings a great motivation to them and hence it affects their further performance.

The study has shown that organisations that reward their employees with letter of appreciation and titles receive only 40% increase in their productivity whereas companies giving promotional gifts and customised corporate gifts to their employees are able to increase productivity by 80% .

Build B2B relationships

When promotional gifts are offered to the companies or your clients, it is considered as gesture of loyalty and building long term relationship.  Secondly when you give a customised gift to your business clients with your company name on it and a product that is being used in office frequently will help them to remember your brand and associate with your company forever.

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