Stick Screen Cleaner


Sticky screen cleaner – every mobile needs one !

  • These innovative handy cleaners can be used for cleaning the screen of all smartphones, iPads, iPod touch, tablet PCs , laptops, digital camera, eReaders, camcorders & other portable devices as well as sunglasses.
  • Front side features ultra fine microfiber cloth, it can removes dirt, oil, makeup and fingerprints from screens safely.
  • The back is a sticky gel which is an eco-friendly material with self-adhesive, easy to stick to electronic devices with the outward surface displaying the design and it can be peeled off for wiping application when needed.
  • Highly convenient and stays with you wherever you go, designed to be used over & over again, simply stick it on the back of devices after cleaning.
  • Washable, Reusable, Portable.