9 Tips to Choose Affordable Promotional Gifts in Singapore

9 Tips to Choose Affordable Promotional Gifts in Singapore

Giving out promotional gifts to your clients through an affordable corporate gift supplier is the key to developing a friendly relationship with them.

9 Tips to Choose Affordable Promotional Gifts in Singapore

Little affordable and thoughtful gifts will not cost you a lot, but satisfy your client and showcase a friendly & hospitable persona for your company.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing gifts for your valuable customers in Singapore:

1. Know Your Audience

Who is the gift for?

Are they older or younger?

Would leather gifts in Singapore be better for them or would a t-shirt be more appropriate?

Or perhaps an accessory from your IT gadget gifts supplier in Singapore would do.

Just a little bit of effort is required to make the gift for your client personal; to build their trust in your company.

You can, of course, also seek assistance from your corporate gifts supplier in Singapore to choose appropriate gifts because they can suggest you better according to their past experiences.


2. Know Your Budget

Figuring out your budget is the ideal way to satisfying your client and promoting your brand all at the same time.

Surely, your affordable corporate gifts supplier should be able to provide you with the right products and bring the latest corporate gifts such as new and trending leather corporate gifts.

With a fixed budget in your mind, deciding gifts for promotional purposes should automatically get sorted.

Additionally, you won’t end up getting interested in a product only to realize later that it is going out a heavy strain on your bank account as some corporate gifts in Singapore can cost you a lot.


3. Make It A Custom Gift

Giving custom corporate gifts show that your company is highly professional, and do care about gifting merchandise to its customers and employees.

An appropriate corporate gifts supplier in Singapore will not only bring the latest gifts to you but will also be there to create the perfect custom gifts for your clients – corporate gifts that will make it easier to spread your brand’s message out in the world and ensure that they will become a loyal client.


4. Give Practical Gifts

Gifting your customer a practical product is a great idea to win their hearts. For example, you can decide to gift great products such as headphones, a decent phone case, a small portable Bluetooth speaker, or a fashionable pop socket that they can use on the daily basis.

Other than the phone accessories, your clients will also appreciate other practical gifts such as leather corporate gifts like wallets or key holders.

This way, every time they use a custom gift provided by you, they will think of your company and will also look forward to working with you again.


5. Arrange Decent Yet Affordable Packaging

The beautiful, decent, and elegant packaging of the gift increases the chance of your client appreciating you for it. Again, your gift supplier should be able to guide you to select the appropriate packing for the gift.

If you are simply having it covered in wrapping paper, make sure that it is an eye-catching print on the paper; add a bow or a little appreciation card to it to give it a more friendly look.

And if your corporate gifts supplier suggests using a box, make sure that it isn’t too small or too big to accommodate the gift.

Check for any tears or loose corners and completely refrain from recycling something that was lying around in the supply cabinet.


6. Educate Yourself of Their Culture

While giving out promotional corporate gifts to your clients and customers, don’t hold back from going the extra mile and doing your research. Get accustomed to their culture if you aren’t already and choose a decent gift for them, with help of the vendor of your corporate gift.


7. Deliver the Gift Yourself

Getting in touch with a delivery service will only cost you more. Avoid spending money on anything other than the gift itself. Personally deliver the latest corporate gifts that you have prepared for the client. It can be during a meeting at your office or when you go to visit their office or residence.


8. Make It Personal

To speak more specifically on making gifts personal, the best way after making them practical or culturally appropriate is to send your clients gifts that signify your interaction with them.

Maybe you noticed them wearing a t-shirt that represents a musical band or a movie franchise. Use this to your advantage and get them a specially customized piece of a t-shirt as a corporate gift. They will really appreciate it.


9. Don’t Overdo It

While promotional gifts such as leather corporate gifts and gadgets need to have your brand’s logo or signature on them, they shouldn’t be too tacky or all over the product.

Make the gift as elegant as possible – a crucial way to do that is to keep it light.

Have your logo or slogan printed on a corner of the leather corporate gifts (and others too) or in a place where it is noticeable but also doesn’t make it all about your company; don’t forget that these gifts are also supposed to serve practical purposes to their respective receivers other than advertising your brand!

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