8 Ideas to Choose A Corporate Gift for Your Business Clients

8 Ideas to Choose A Corporate Gift for Your Business Clients

Corporate gifts and door gifts are very important for you to include in your company’s branding campaigns; it improves your relationship with your clients and builds trust for your company in their hearts.

corporate gifts ideas for businesses

#1 Custom Water Bottles or Coffee/Tea Mugs

Practical gifts are the best gifts.

Have a detailed discussion with your corporate gifts supplier and try to come up with unique corporate gift ideas for your clients.

A custom and reusable water bottle or a mug will be perfect. Several companies use it to use as corporate gifts for their customers; it just needs to have a simple look to it with your logo at the front. However, it can also be more than that.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different designs and patterns on unique & latest corporate gifts. Once you have decided, have your affordable corporate gifts supplier arrange the required number of gifts.

#2 Custom Notebooks

Notebooks, who doesn’t use them? Design custom notebooks and notepads with your business gifts supplier and work to make them look the best that they can.

These notebooks will, of course, have your company’s logo on the cover. Have the vendor of your corporate gift create the notebooks in such a way that they host your brand’s theme color on the cover pages and the inside pages as well.

Also, have your company’s contact information added in the left or right bottom corner at the back of this corporate gift to ensure that the respective client will have easy access to your contact information when they want to use your wonderful services again.

#3 Custom Stationery

While stationery can be gifted as a pair along with the custom notebooks, it can also pose as a product of its kind.

You can have your business gifts supplier make it act as a leather gift as well by putting it in decorative leather pouches. This leather pack can house two simple everyday use pens with your brand’s logo on it, a pencil, and a custom calendar. Oh, and don’t forget to ask your gifts supplier to add a couple of business cards in there too!

#4 Headphones/Phone Case

Nowadays, everyone needs wants, or already uses headphones and phone cases.

These mobile accessories are one of the best products that your gadget gifts supplier can source for you and are excellent corporate gift ideas for your clients.

They have also become a necessity for today’s world and you can gift one or both of these products to your customers as a sign of goodwill and appreciation.

Show your clients with these corporate gifts that you appreciate that they chose your company for their requirements and decided to invest their trust and money in it.

#5 Custom Keychains

Whenever your client will be using their car keys or house keys with your keychain, they will surely think about their experience with your company.

Latest corporate gifts such as this one will count as bonus points since you and your corporate gifts supplier provided them with a free keychain to hold all their keys!

#6 Small and Decorative Plants

Elegant and delicate decoration pieces such as a fake plant can act as a good gesture for a corporate gift. The client who will receive this unique corporate gift will have a free product to sit on their office desk or maybe just have it stay in the living room too.

Products like fake plants are a great addition to any specific space and give it a natural look – not to mention the personal gesture that comes with it.

#7 Custom Gift Box

Gifting custom gift boxes is yet another great corporate gift idea.

They can be of products that are only targeted for some specific individuals and or a specific group. It can be something related to the interest of the customer you will be gifting it to, or it can be something else that is generous and thoughtful like a spa basket or food tray.

Other than that, your gadget gifts supplier or business gifts supplier can also make a gift box with electronic products such as a power bank or a pop socket.

#8 Custom Clothes or Accessories

Clothes and jewelry are something that everyone and anyone can use. Have your corporate gift supplier make custom clothes and accessories with your logo on them and in a standard size. You should also have them make shirts in three major sizes; small, medium, and extra-large.

As for the accessories, you can give leather corporate gifts and leather gifts other than normal jewelry made of other materials as well. Another good leather corporate gift would be leather made headbands or shoes.

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